On Friday, 20th September 2002, Martin Blapp wrote:

>mbr         2002/09/20 08:18:13 PDT
>  Modified files:
>    sys/pci              if_dc.c 
>  Log:
>  Fix the support for the AN985/983 chips, which do not set the
>  RXSTATE to STOPPED, but to WAIT. This should fix hangs which
>  could only be solved by replugging the cable.

John's already mentioned we are still thinking about the right way to
handle this but...

>  MFC after:      2 weeks

... I thought I should explicitly mention that merging this particular
change as it stands is a bad idea because PNIC and Davicom cards (at least)
are not yet correctly handled.  The code in -stable is the old broken but
apparently harmless code.  This new code is attempting to be more correct
but breaks support for some cards.  Odd situation, no?


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