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            Stephen McKay <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
: On Friday, 20th September 2002, Martin Blapp wrote:
: >I think we would have to test all cases with all cards. What cards
: >do you have Stephen, with which clone Chipsets ? Can you make a list
: >of them ?
: I've only got DE500 (genuine Intel 21143) and Macronix 98715AEC cards.
: Nothing PCMCIA or CardBus.  Not a very big selection, I know.  A lot
: of us will have to band together to test changes.
: >I've got somewhere another dc card which made problems. I guess
: >it was PNIC.
: PNIC is still a problem with the -current driver.

I have a PNIC card that I can send to Martin if that would help.  I
got 10 of the goofy things a few years ago for $10 total because they
had funky brackets on them.  Take the bracket off and they work great
in pci slots.


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