On Sun, 22 Sep 2002 11:27:08 -0400 Alexander Kabaev

> Alexander, can you get me a backtrace from the failed GCC process?
> What process it is, by the way? GCC, CC1, CPP1?

This is with a gcc 3.1 world, the internal error is in "stage 1:
bootstrap tools" and gcc 3.2 isn't build at this point. Do you still
want the backtrace?

If yes: I can't find a *.core in /usr/{src,obj}, there's no coredump
limit, so how do I get the backtrace? I already tried to go into
gnu/usr.bin/gperf and make a "make cleandir; make cleandir; make", but I
don't get a coredump.

I also tried to run it withhin gdb, but c++ exists with something like
exit(1) and thats it, no way to make a backtrace.


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