> This is with a gcc 3.1 world, the internal error is in "stage 1:
> bootstrap tools" and gcc 3.2 isn't build at this point. Do you still
> want the backtrace?


> If yes: I can't find a *.core in /usr/{src,obj}, there's no coredump
> limit, so how do I get the backtrace? I already tried to go into
> gnu/usr.bin/gperf and make a "make cleandir; make cleandir; make", but
> I don't get a coredump.
> I also tried to run it withhin gdb, but c++ exists with something like
> exit(1) and thats it, no way to make a backtrace.

What does kernel log say? When process dies with signal, kernel usually
logs the event. If anything, this should give you the name of the
process which has died. Running 'gcc' or 'c++' under debugger is not
very helpful, because these are just driver programs. The real processes
which do the work are cpp1, cc1, ccp1 etc.

Alexander Kabaev

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