On Mon, Sep 23, 2002 at 04:31:38PM +0300, Giorgos Keramidas

> > This isn't a yesterdays problem, I've had this for a month or so.
> > The problem is explicit declaration of -march=p[234], use
> > CPUTYPE=i686 in /etc/make.conf and you get further. The second way
> > is to not set CPUTYPE at all, logic in /usr/share/mk/bsd.cpu.mk will
> > set -mcpu to what appears to fit.
> If you suspect the machine type optimizations for problems like this,
> you might want to try adding the following to /etc/make.conf too:
> NO_CPU_CFLAGS=  true    # Don't add -march=<cpu> to CFLAGS automatically
> NO_CPU_COPTFLAGS=true   # Don't add -march=<cpu> to COPTFLAGS automatically

Heh, this sounds like a joke.. because I have written at least three
messages to -current list about the very same thing. I know that
following -current list for day-to-day basis is challenge, but
nevertheless this surprises me. Seems like nobody has read my
messages nor find the cause of this failure interesting. Yes this
caused bu machine type optimisation and everybody who's brave enough
to set CPUTYPE=p[234] will be trapped.

Vallo Kallaste

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