On Mon, Sep 23, 2002 at 10:11:56PM -0400, Carl Schmidt wrote:
> <cheerleading>
> There seems to be many complaints of things being broken.
> Maybe I'm just lucky and never cvsup when things are broken.  I have
> encountered -no- errors over the past month when building world and
> kernel.  So anyway to add to that I'd just like to report on today's
> build so as to balance things out.  After running cvsup at about 5PM
> EDT (September 23, 2002 -- using cvsup3) and running a full build I am
> happy to report that everything worked fine.  No war stories to speak
> of.

I've not had any problems either and I usually build once or twice a 

> Now if only my laptop would stop overheating whenever I run FreeBSD on
> it.

Does the fan not turn on?  Are you using acpi?

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