Peter Wemm wrote:
> Oh man, this is going to suck.  There are thousands and thousands of third
> party scripts that use +n syntax.
> I am most unhappy with this change. :-(

I'll say it again: unconditionally complying POSIX is an impediment
to getting real work done.  8-(.

I would be very happy if a lot of the POSIX semantics could go live
in a user space library somewhere, and leave programmers alone.
Signals semantics and file locking alone are enough to justify that.

Yeah, it's nice to have a Big Red Switch(tm) that would turn off
all behaviour not mandated by some standard, so that you could
flip the siwtch, and *know* that the programs you write will run
anywhere the standard is implemented.  It's a good goal for a
platform, to let it act as a unified porting environment.  The
key thing here, though, is that it needs to be *a* swtich, and it
needs to be a *switch*.

For the particular case of "sort", it would be nice if it did what
it was supposed to do, and got anal about POSIX _only_ if there
was an environment variable set.

Maybe there would be bonus points if the system itself could be
built with the switch flipped, but that's something that can be
done incrementally, later, by People Who Care(tm).

Until "sh", "make", "tar", and so on also drop behaviours that are
not specified by POSIX, it's really silly to make "sort" drop them.

-- Terry

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