The last tentative date for 5.0-RELEASE I have seen is "late November,
early December"... This does seem odd since I haven't seen a DP2, but...
Quite a few people seem to be having serious problems with XFree86 for 3-4
weeks, everything from sig 6's, the "bezier" crashes, to strange freezes
that sometimes "correct" themselves.

The bezier bug is somehow related to a problem with the Type1 module, and
disabling it helps a little. I have rebuilt my kernel, world, QT, KDE, and
X system with-mpentiumpro instead of pentium3. I have not yet seen any
SIGABRT's, but I am getting unrecoverable crashes (console stuck) and the
"freezes" that will pass after 5-10 minutes of nail-biting wait.

During those freezes, I have logged in via the network and attempted to
use ktrace and truss on the wildly out-of-control XFree86 process. truss
dumps core (probably a thread issue?) and ktrace generates no output. I'm
going to try to rebuild with debugging symbols to attach with GDB, which
was successful but produced no meaningful output.

The "temporary freeze" seems to always occurr in the Konqueror location
bar when it attempts to complete a URL as I key it in, but the runaway
process is XFree86.

I know there is some work being done on the recent signal changes to fix
some things, but are we sure this is the problem? I would hate to see
release schedules pushed back because these problems are lost in the
noise, and I can't see a release being made that has a known unstable X.



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