> > Until pppd is taught to create the interface if one doesn't
> > exist, this information needs to be in /usr/src/UPDATING.
> pppd doesn't need to be taught to create the interface.  Rather it needed
> to learn to check for ppp support in a non-stupid way.  The following
> patch should do it as well as making pppd do the right thing when
> support isn't compiled in, but a module is available.  It should make
> things work with a GENERIC kernel.

`device ppp' was already defined in my kernel config file so
there was no need to kldload if_ppp.  But I had to run
`ifconfig create ppp' to make things work.

I don't much like auto kldloading modules from suid programs.
A simple hack is to just add ifconfig create ppp in rc.local.
Also kldload if_ppp if needed.

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