David Schultz wrote:
> > > We've been over this before.  To make this work right, we need to make
> > > /bin and /sbin dynamically linked.  NetBSD's /rescue/* approach would
> > > solve the "oops!" and other foot shooting problems.
> >
> > Yes please. Our root filesystem space requirements are too high, IMHO.
> Why is it absolutely necessary to dynamically link everything just
> to move the resolver out of libc?

Because ELF supports linking a shared library to another shared
library, which will automatically get you the appearance of the
historical "libresolv is integrated into libc".  But it does not
support the linking of a static library to a static library, or
a static library to a shared library, the same way.

The ELF specification never expected things to be linked statically.

-- Terry

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