David Schultz wrote:
> At least in the case of the base system, it should be easy to link
> all programs that actually use the resolver with -lresolv.  Is
> there some standard that says that the resolver is an integral
> part of the C library, such that separating the two would break
> compatibility beyond comprehension?

It is a historical matter of pride in BSD-land that the resolver
is both available merely by linking libc ("BSD is a true networking
OS"), and that the resolver code is perpetually out of datem
relative to the ISC BIND distribution version of the resolver

> If you wanted to be really evil, I suppose you could have a libc.a
> that included the resolver and a libc.so that didn't.  ;-)

It's a lot easier to just have universal rules, and ignore the
fact that ELF lets you do these things, if you want to ignore the
fact that ELF was never written for static libraries in the first
place, and let people link things static.  8-) 8-).

-- Terry

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