On Fri, 15 Nov 2002, Vallo Kallaste wrote:

> Just finished '-j2 buildworld' and it did well with kernel which had
> the options enabled. Therefore I suppose that those options are
> still absolutely necessary to make use of -current system. These

This may be a bit overstated. I removed those options from my kernel a few
weeks ago and have no problems at all. Are you certain the problem is not
specific to a particular CPU?

> options should be uncommented in NOTES and added to GENERIC
> otherwise new users will be trapped. All old -current users have
> those options probably enabled for a while, that's because there are
> no complaints. Actually, I'm not complaining, just testing out the
> bad things I have encountered in the near past. This darn
> 5.0-RELEASE is nearing way too fast considering the state of
> -current today.

While I am just a small, small voice among many... I must agree :/... The
few things that remain broken for me would be enough to sour testing 5.0
if I wasnt used to working around it.

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