Based on this, are you recommending that the DISABLE_* still be used? Will
I never see the problem with 512mb of ram?

On Fri, 15 Nov 2002, Terry Lambert wrote:

> The amount of RAM will also affect it.  It can also happen on P3's
> and AMD K6's.  It is a CPU bug related to the use of 4M pages.

Let's not dance around the issue. Software has bugs. Hardware has defects.

> Bosko understands the problem (I have explained it to him under
> non-disclosure), and he has a patch which avoids it without really
> disclosing the problem, which I'm OK with.  Using the patch cranks

So basically, there is a DEFECT in something that either Intel or AMD has
some me (you, everyone) and they will not disclose the defect, honor any
warranties, or provide fixes for the problem?

How... crappy. Reminds me of the Redhat/DMCA suppressed patch. I think
consumers have a right to know about any defects in something they have
bought. And I also think that the marketer should assume some liability
for selling defective hardware (even though software makers seem to be
able to get away with it).

But this is getting way off topic :P

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