I've got an Intel D845EBG2.  I have 2 ACPI related problems I'm
looking for advice on:

- ATI Rage 128 Pro TF

If I suspend to S3 from text mode on console, the screen remains blank
after resume.  The system is otherwise functional, and can be logged
into remotely.

If I start X after resume, the system locks solid.

If I suspend from inside X, the system locks solid a few seconds after

I'm happy to replace the ATI with something which works.  So..  is
there a cheap AGP4x video card (to drive analog LCD 1280x1024@60Hz)
which is known to work well with ACPI on FreeBSD?

- rp.ko

If I suspend to S3 and resume, the system becomes nearly unusable
because it spends all its time in swi6: tty:sio clock (200%, in fact!:)
Ping times go from 3ms to 11000ms from nearby powerbook.  Commands
take seconds to echo, etc.

This does not happen if I do not have rp.ko loaded.  I suspect that
the rocketport card needs some setup when power is restored.   It
polls all its ports, so it makes sense that a swi would get clogged.

I thought it might be sufficent to unload the driver and reload after
resume.  However, it doens't appear to be unloadable now. 

Before I get too far into this,  will unloading rp and reloading it
suffice, or is there a better way which could just allow me to save
and restore the card state so I wouldn't have to reload it on resume?



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