> :Now I would really dislike seeing your patch in the tree, since I
> :consider it's a rather crude hack to circumvent the ABI problems of
> :ipfw.  As I've already said to luigi in private e-mail (I would be
> :surprised if this hasn't been already discussed in the lists as well),
> :the proper way to fix this problem is to separate the kernel and
> :userland structures of ipfw, and add versioning to the struct.
> :
> :This can be done without even breaking the ABI again, since several
> :pointers in the kernel structures are useless to userland (like the next
> :field) and can be reused to implement structure versioning.
> :
> :Cheers,
> :Maxime
>     If/when Luigi fixes the ABI problems with IPFW, we can remove
>     this 'hack'.  Until then, I do not consider the hackiness nature
>     of the patch sufficient reason to not put it in.  I've been bitten
>     by this problem dozens of times, and wasted many hours simply because
>     I couldn't get the damn network working, and so have others.

I disagree with committing this hack; keep it as a local mod if you must.

As to the problem; don't wait for Luigi to "fix the ABI problems", do it
yourself.  Good things happen when folks are PO'd and won't settle for the
status quo.


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