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> On Sun, Dec 15, 2002 at 11:08:01AM -0800, Matthew Dillon wrote:
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> > :
> > ::    This is complete BULLSHIT, Warner.  
> > :
> > :Your attitude it totally unacceptible.  Learn to play well with
> > :others, or get the fuck out of the project.
> > 
> >      Really?  You think I should learn to play well with others?  You
> >      think it's appropriate to request that I spend a man week rewriting
> >      an API?  You really do?  You think it's appropriate to bring up a 
> >      bogus security issue when its obvious that no security issue exists,
> >      abusing your power in that manner is playing well with others?  This
> >      is Warner of core?
> I think it's more appropriate if you put 
> on any boxes where you're running test code.  That's much more
> acceptable than committing a kludge with a poor choice of name after
> minimal discussion when efforts would be better spent working on other
> rough edges in the run up to 5-release.
There were times, even within RELENG_4 lifecycle, when IPFW ABI
was broken, making it really hard to remotely upgrade IPFW boxes,
as we're required to boot with the new kernel before doing an
installworld.  It once costed me about 12 hours of downtime of
our Australian production box.

This is from the -STABLE's UPDATING:

        ipfw interface changed.  Make sure that the userland and kernel match
        or you won't have the firewall rules you think you do.

        IPFW uid/gid-based filtering support has been committed. This
        breaks binary compatibility with previous copies of
        ipfw(8). Any utilities using the ioctl()s of ipfw (especially
        ipfw(8)) need to be recompiled with the newest headers

        The ipfw interface to the kernel has changed.  You will need to
        recompile ipfw programs for the new kernel.

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