Juli Mallett wrote:
Are you implying that these people, who are undoubtedly adding and
removing lots of things in the kernel, to make things fit, and to
make things do their jobs, can't be bothered to use the appropriate
CPU settings?
Not sure where you got that from Terry's post, but...

As a sometimes embedded developer (who also runs FreeBSD on his comparatively screaming Athlon desktop box), being able to run FreeBSD, fresh off a CD, on a quirky 386 embedded toaster and have it run perfectly would be a dream.

Of course, that's never been the case.

As others have mentioned, you're lucky if you have a working BIOS. There's usually no room for "luxuries" like a robust device probing system, a nice, standard PCI bus, queriable hardware, etc. Most of your devices are sitting right on the processor bus (and hopefully you've thrown in enough wait states, but if the thing doesn't respond, spin a bit and hammer it with the request again).

As long as it's feasible to compile a kernel for a 386, that's all I could ever home for. Just don't go rewriting the scheduler in assembly and use MMX/SIMD instructions...

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