* De: David Cuthbert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [ Data: 2002-12-17 ]
        [ Subjecte: Re: 80386 out of GENERIC ]
> Juli Mallett wrote:
> > Are you implying that these people, who are undoubtedly adding and
> > removing lots of things in the kernel, to make things fit, and to
> > make things do their jobs, can't be bothered to use the appropriate
> > CPU settings?
> Not sure where you got that from Terry's post, but...

I misread.

> As a sometimes embedded developer (who also runs FreeBSD on his 
> comparatively screaming Athlon desktop box), being able to run FreeBSD, 
> fresh off a CD, on a quirky 386 embedded toaster and have it run 
> perfectly would be a dream.
> Of course, that's never been the case.
> As others have mentioned, you're lucky if you have a working BIOS. 
> There's usually no room for "luxuries" like a robust device probing 
> system, a nice, standard PCI bus, queriable hardware, etc.  Most of your 
> devices are sitting right on the processor bus (and hopefully you've 
> thrown in enough wait states, but if the thing doesn't respond, spin a 
> bit and hammer it with the request again).
> As long as it's feasible to compile a kernel for a 386, that's all I 
> could ever home for.  Just don't go rewriting the scheduler in assembly 
> and use MMX/SIMD instructions...

I don't think anyone wants that to happen (though I wouldn't put it past
some people to want to do that).
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