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> I also had "kmem_malloc(4096): kmem_map too small: 275378176 total allocated"
> several times on -current as of Jan 4th.  My -current box has 3GB memory,
> but when the memory size is explicitly specified as 2GB via MAXMEM option,
> the panic disappears (but I don't know why...).

Now that's different from the previous poster.

The problem in this case is that some of the system constants are sized
based on the amount of RAM and appearantly we do this wrong for large
RAM configurations.

I only have 2G ram and that's what I have tested (extensively).  If we're
still broken for >2G ram, somebody needs to revist this.

One thing you can try is reduce the value of the
        sysctl kern.maxvnodes

If you set it to the same value as used for 2G (appros 130000), I
think your machine should survive with 3G RAM.

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