Mike Tibor writes:
 > On Thu, 16 Jan 2003, Andrew Gallatin wrote:
 > (I wrote: )
 > >  > I believe a 670 machine check can also result from a read of a
 > >  > non-existent I/O space.  I'm not a programmer, but could that be the
 > >  > problem here?
 > >
 > > No, that's a 660. (system machine check).
 > > A 670 is much more likely to be bad ram, bad cache, bad CPU, etc.
 > > Its not always overheating.
 > Hmm... well, I got that from Jay Estabrook (works at DEC/Compaq/HP) via
 > the [EMAIL PROTECTED]  The archived message is here:
 > http://www.lib.uaa.alaska.edu/axp-list/archive/1998-12/0491.html

That's nice.

If you'd care to see the console logs from a "new" type of machine
I've been bringing up (multi-hose AS2100A) which crashes with 660s
when I read from a bad IO address, I'd be more than happy to share...


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