Munish Chopra wrote:
> >It is an ANSI compliant preprocessor directive.  Please use an ANSI
> >compliant compiler.
> I'd also be curious to know in which version of the ANSI standard you
> have found #warning. I certainly doesn't appear in mine.

I said that the use of the directive was compliant, not that the
directive was standardized.

As to the version of the standard, try ANSI X3J11, unless you have
a different online version of the standards document available for
public use that you want to point me at to language-lawyer to prove
that the preprocessor should not be doing syntax checking on statements
that are indicated by preprocessor statements to not be compiled.

What does the compiler you are using do when I say:

        #ifdef absurd_token


        #ifdef absurd_token

Neither one of these should cause a warning with an ANSI X3J11
compliant compiler or preprocessor, or an ISO C-99 compliant
compiler or preprocessor, for that matter.

-- Terry

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