Vladimir Kushnir wrote:
> Setup: Fujitsu MPG3409AT E disk on external CMD649 controller (the only
> HD). Kernel trap while booting with timeout for ad0 device. Setting
> "hw.ata.ata_dma=0" solves the problem. Sources last cvsupped last night
> (after the last ATA-related commits). Dmesg output attached, but that's
> about all I can provide - no serial console here.

This is probably related to the inverted sense-test that was
recently fixed.

FWIW: the CMD640 series of chips is well known to mung DMA, if
an interrupt occurs during a transfer.  I can't say for certain
that the CMD649 has this problem, so you might want to look at
the vendor errata for the chips.  Personally, I avoid the CMD64x
controllers entirely, so as to avoid getting a bad one, since I
have no idea if there is actually a good one in existance.  8-(.

-- Terry

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