First, the simple question:  what's the simplest cross-platform way of
implementing scsi_ulto4b and scsi_4btoul (/sys/cam/scsi/scsi_all.h) for
64 bit values.  GEOM (/sys/geom/geom_enc.c) implements it via a 64 bit
cast in g_enc_le8.  Is this the best current way?

Second, anyone done work on unifying our various byte ordering macros?
Besides htonl and ntohl, there are scsi_*ul*, g_enc_*, openssl/aes_locl.h,
machine/endian.h, arpa/nameser.h, and I'm sure there are others.  Perhaps
the best thing is to add macros similar to geom_enc_* to machine/endian.h.
Any ideas?


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