David Leimbach writes:
 > True... I guess I didn't state my case clearly enough that I think IP  
 > over firewire
 > is in itself a good thing for clusters.

>From my experience with the Apple IP over Firewire, it seems slow, and
very high overhead.  A dual 800MHz G4 host which can transmit at well
over 1 Gb/sec (using ethernet-over-Myrinet) maxes its CPU out at
200Mb/sec, or less with IP over Firewire. (I'd report GigE numbers,
but I don't have a GigE switch or a decent enough cable to get a
host-host link at 1Gb/s).

Its possible that the Apple code just sucked, I don't know.  It used a
1500 byte mtu, for example.  I'd have thought you'd be able to have
much large mtus w/firewire.

If the Apple code is typical, then I think that unless you've got some
sort of alternate zero-copy protocol running over raw firewire, you'd
be better off running GigE, or even multiple 100Mb links.


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