I do have the ips driver working with the IBM ServerRaid 5i. However it
only works if I boot
of an IDE drive and load the driver after the kernel is loaded.

What I believe the problem to be is the fact that this "Raid" card is
just an add in card to a
modified PCI slot  that makes the on board LSI dual channel controller
into a RAID, and
something in the kernel is loading (not the LSI driver its been taken
out) which makes these
2 separate devices act as one through the PCI bus and is the reason it
can only be loaded
after booting.

I believe a quick and dirty fix for this may be to load the ips.ko
module after the kernel has booted
and before init mounts /.

Is there a way to do this via something in /boot/loader (the standard
way in loader.conf loads it too soon)
or perhaps a way to compile isp into the kernel in a way that it would
be probed
at a later time or in a different sequence?

Thanks again in advance

Richard Puga

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