Tim Kientzle wrote:

I'm pretty comfortable with the failsafes that we
have in place:
 * /sbin/init is static
 * If /bin/sh fails, /rescue/sh can be run
 * /rescue provides a complete set of statically-linked
   sysadmin utilities that should be sufficient
   for recovering a damaged system.

There are a few things I'd like to see:
 * It would be nice if the kernel noticed that /sbin/init
   failed too quickly and prompted the user for an alternate
   init.  That would open the door to a dynamic or just more
   ambitious /sbin/init, since you could always fall back
   to /rescue/init for recovery.
 * /rescue/vi is currently unusable if /usr is missing because
   the termcap database is in /usr.  One possibility
   would be to build a couple of default termcap entries
   into ncurses or into vi.

Just put a tiny termcap file in /rescue (i.e. termcap.rescue) that contains 5 or 6 of the most common terminal types (cons25, vt102, etc), and have /rescue/vi default to cons25. That is cleaner than hard coding them into /rescue/vi.

Richard Coleman

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