Tim Kientzle wrote on Thursday, November 20, 2003 6:31 PM
> Garance A Drosihn wrote:
> > At 6:26 PM +0100 11/17/03, Julian Stacey wrote:
> >> Seconded !  Better commit an improved switch with
> >> default = Off.
> > 
> > The time for voting was months ago.  
> ...
> I'm pretty comfortable with the failsafes that we
> have in place:
>   * /sbin/init is static
>   * If /bin/sh fails, /rescue/sh can be run
>   * /rescue provides a complete set of statically-linked
>     sysadmin utilities that should be sufficient
>     for recovering a damaged system.

Thanks to /rescue and the live filesystem archives on
current.freebsd.org, I was able to recover a machine
that I hosed after the statfs change by trying to installworld
without building & booting a new kernel first.

Regarding the performance loss due to the dynamic /bin and /sbin,
wouldn't prebinding help?

Guy Helmer

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