On Mon, Nov 24, 2003 at 02:41:44PM -0800 I heard the voice of
David O'Brien, and lo! it spake thus:
> On Mon, Nov 24, 2003 at 04:07:49PM -0500, Michael Edenfield wrote:
> > 
> > Would it be possible, through some make.conf magic, for the end-user to
> > set extra programs to be put into /rescue that are not typically there?
> > 
> > RESCUE_EXTRAPRGS= usr.bin/vi usr.bin/fetch
> This list could easily need things added to librescue.

If you can delay building the rescue stuff until after everything else,
you can use ldd(1) on the built binaries for everything else and hash up
the list from that.  I do something similar in a set of scripts I have to
generate filesystems for small systems (i.e., I create a variable in a
Makefile listing all the programs, and it automatically includes all the
libraries the programs need) with a little sed/awk.

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