> acpi0: <INTEL  SWV20   > on motherboard
>     ACPI-1287: *** Error: Method execution failed [\\_SB_.PCI0.SBRG.EC0_._REG] (Node 
> 0xc29b4660), AE_NOT_EXIST
> acpi0: Could not initialise SystemIO handler: AE_NOT_EXIST
> device_probe_and_attach: acpi0 attach returned 6

This is the source of the problems.  When acpi0 fails to attach,
everything else is done through the legacy PCI code.  The question is, why
is it failing?  The above-mentioned EC method could indicate the problem
is in walking the namespace but we'll have to look at the ASL to be sure.

Please send a url to the output of:
     acpidump -t -d > brooks-Intel.asl

Also, build with options ACPI_DEBUG and set these in your loader.conf:


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