On Dec 1, 2003, at 10:15 PM, Scott Long wrote:

Jonathan Mini wrote:
I have found that the cost of printing the spew often
slows down compiles measurably, especially when spewing
to an xterm running on a local XFree86 process.  Even
with syscons, this is noticeable.
I generally tend to run my builds behind the screen
port these days, which  helps (screen implements a
virtual display buffer that disconnects screen updates
from the display client and the slave pty).  Another
optimization worth noting is running make -q, which
silences a lot of that spam (urban legend has it that
the synchronization in parallel makes to write the build
messages causes noticeable amounts of contention).

I regularly use -s. With the pipe code being completely Giant-free, I don't see a significant performance difference anymore on an SMP machine when the output is not supressed.

Ah, I meant -s. And, that is good news. I am still running on a 4.x system most of the time, and (sigh) Linux 2.4.x the rest of the time.

Jonathan Mini

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