Daniel O'Connor wrote:

Why didn't you pipe up when this was discussed _long_ ago?
I don't understand why you can't buildworld with static slash if you feel so strongly about it.

As for that, it was discussed on arch@, not [EMAIL PROTECTED] And _I_, personally, got the impression the plan was to make dynamic world an _option_, not the default.

Now, my machines usually get by themselves, but all *I* do on them is sh(1) intensive, so I'll probably be using the static root option when it comes time to upgrade them to 5.x.

If you are deploying FreeBSD on servers you should build your own release anyway (which is hardly an onerous task).

And if you are using FreeBSD on desktop you should use bash or some other ports-shell, instead of slowing down _the_ shell for shell scripts. But that's IMHO, so I didn't pipe this in until now. But it's the very same argument you are making, so I thought you deserved to hear it.

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