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            paradox <> writes:
: iam propose all the architecture move in a separate directory
: as is done in openbsd and netbsd
: ie 
: #mkdir /usr/src/sys/arch
: #mv -R 
: Would it ever done in freebsd?

No.  That ship sailed in 1995.

Besides, it would be the mother of all bikesheds.  Do we want to have
a sys/cpu/{mips,x86,arm,etc} for CPU support and a sys/arch/$MACHINE
for support for machines that use that, how does that interact with
source doe that assumes certain things in machine/foo.h.  Or do we
want to have better organized sub-ports.  Do we want to reorg config
while we're at it, and what about modules.  And sys/dev is too
crowded, let's fix that too while we're at it.

The end result: gridlock and nothing will happen.

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