:In muc.lists.freebsd.hackers, you wrote:
:> I know that this was discussed in the past but I can't find out what to
:> do ?
:> In Linux if I have to resize a mmap 'ed object I can just use mremap....
:> but in FreeBSD if,  I want to resize it what do I do ?
:Have you tried mmap'ing the file again at the same address, but with a
:larger length ?
:As I see it, the only advantage of using mmap instead of read/write interface
:is to avoid the extra system calls. However, by calling mremap or mmap
:repeatedly, you're losing that advantage. I think you're better off by
:extending your map in larger chunks, reducing the number of mmap/mremap 
:calls. If you have a big enough address space, just use a large mmap region
:to begin with.
:       -Arun

    The linux mremap() is an idiotic system call.  Just unmap the file and
    re-mmap it.

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