On 04/14/2018 03:49 AM, Rick Macklem wrote:
> Niels Kobschätzki wrote:
>> sorry for the cross-posting but so far I had no real luck on the forum
>> or on question, thus I want to try my luck here as well.
> I read email lists but don't do the other stuff, so I just saw this yesterday.
> Short answer, I haven't a clue why cache hits rate would have changed.
> The code that decides if there is a hit/miss for the attribute cache is in
> ncl_getattrcache() and the code hasn't changed between 10.3->11.1,
> except the old code did a mtx_lock(&Giant), but I can't imagine how that
> would affect the code.
> You might want to:
> # sysctl -a | fgrep vfs.nfs
> for both the 10.3 and 11.1 systems, to check if any defaults have somehow
> been changed. (I don't recall any being changed, but??)

I did that and there did nothing change.

> If you go into ncl_getattrcache() {it's in sys/fs/nfsclient/nfs_clsubs.c}
> and add a printf() for "time_second" and "np->n_mtime.tv_sec" near the
> top, where it calculates "timeo" from it.
> Running this hacked kernel might show you if either of these fields is bogus.
> (You could then printf() "timeo" and "np->n_attrtimeo" just before the "if"
> clause that increments "attrcache_misses", which is where the cache misses
> happen to see why it is missing the cache.)
> If you could do this for the 10.3 kernel as well, this might indicate why the
> miss rate has increased?

I will do this next week. On monday we switch for other reasons to other
nfs-servers and when we see that they run stable, I will do this next.

Btw. I calculated now the percentages. The old servers had a attr miss
rate of something like 0.004%, while the upgraded one has more like
2.7%. This is till low from what I've read (I remember that you should
start adjusting acreg* when you hit more than 40% misses) but far higher
than before.

nfsstat -c for one of the working servers looks like this (I did a -cz
before to reset it and did this a couple of seconds later):
Attr Hits    Misses Lkup Hits    Misses BioR Hits    Misses BioW Hits
 10085375       255   9163995       577       540         0         0
BioRLHits    Misses BioD Hits    Misses DirE Hits    Misses Accs Hits
     1380         0         0         0         0         0   9169427

and for the non-working server:
Attr Hits    Misses Lkup Hits    Misses BioR Hits    Misses BioW Hits
  1606365     20647   1418205       239       581         0         0
BioRLHits    Misses BioD Hits    Misses DirE Hits    Misses Accs Hits
      895         0         0         0         0         0   1439080

>> I upgraded a machine from 10.3-Prerelease (custom kernel with
>> tcp_fastopen added) to 11.1-Release (standard kernel) with
>> freebsd-update. I have two other machines that are still on
>> 10.3-Prerelease. Those machines mount an NFS-export from a
>> Linux-NFS-server and use NFSv3. The machine that got upgraded shows now
>> far more cache misses for getattr than on the 10.3-machines (we talk a
>> factor of 100) in munin. munin also shows a lot more cache-misses for
>> other metrics like biow, biorl, biod (where can I find what those
>> metrics mean…currently I have not even an understanding what these are)
>> etc.
>> Can anybody help me how I can debug this problem or has an idea what
>> could cause the problem? The result of this behavior is that this
>> machine shows a lower performance than the others and I cannot upgrade
>> other machines before I didn't fix this bug.
> I haven't run a 10.x system in quite a while. When I get home in a few days,
> I might be able to reproduce this. If I can. I can poke at it, but it would 
> be at
> least a week before I might have an answer and I may not figure it out for a
> long time.

Ok, thanks a lot. That would be great.

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