Niels Kobschaetzki wrote:
[stuff smipped]
>I just checked the code to see if I can figure out where exactly I have
>to put the printf(). And then I saw that there are ifdefs for
>NFS_ACDEBUG which seems to be a kernel option. When I add NFS_ACDEBUG in
>the config-file for the kernel, the build fails with an
I don't have sources handy right now, but you can probably just put a line
#define NFS_ACDEBUG 1
at the top of the file /usr/src/sys/fs/nfsclient/nfs_clsubs.c

After building/booting the kernel "sysctl -a" should have a
in the list. Set it to "1" to get the basic timeout info.

>/usr/src/sys/amd64/conf/ACDEBUG: unknown option "NFS_ACDEBUG"
>I looked in sysctl.h and there it isn't defined. Do I do something wrong
>or did this sysctl-tunable got lost at some point in time?
>Can I just use this code by removing the ifdef for getting information?
>Sorry, my C is not really existent, thus I have to ask :/
>The parts (except the part that looks at the sysctl looks like this):
>        if (nfs_acdebug>1)
>               printf("ncl_getattrcache: initial timeo = %d\n", timeo);
>        if (nfs_acdebug > 2)
>                printf("acregmin %d; acregmax %d; acdirmin %d; acdirmax
>                    nmp->nm_acregmin, nmp->nm_acregmax,
>                    nmp->nm_acdirmin, nmp->nm_acdirmax);
>        if (nfs_acdebug)
>                printf("ncl_getattrcache: age = %d; final timeo = %d\n",
>                    (time_second - np->n_attrstamp), timeo);
>I would remove the ifdefs and the "if (nfs_acdebug …)"
This would work, too, rick
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