During the recent massive port upgrades, I decided to uninstall net/samba3 and 
install net/smb-smbclient as I need just the client component.
Now I've noticed that, every times I start smbclient, a file named 
"smbclient.gmon" (about 2 mb), reported as "data" by file(1), is generated in 
the CWD.
I've no idea about what is that file and a search on google reported 0 results.
This is pretty annoying because I'll get a copy of this file in every directory 
where I start smbclient.
This wasn't happening with smbclient built from net/samba3 and just before the 
upgrade smb-smbclient has been updated from 3.0 to 3.4, so I'm wondering if 
this behavior depends on the version or on the port (samba3* vs 
But what really matters is how can it stop it creating this file?

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