On 14/02/2010 09:27, barbara wrote:
> During the recent massive port upgrades, I decided to uninstall 
> net/samba3 and install net/smb-smbclient as I need just the client 
> component. Now I've noticed that, every times I start smbclient, a
> file named "smbclient.gmon" (about 2 mb), reported as "data" by
> file(1), is generated in the CWD. I've no idea about what is that
> file and a search on google reported 0 results. This is pretty
> annoying because I'll get a copy of this file in every directory
> where I start smbclient. This wasn't happening with smbclient built
> from net/samba3 and just before the upgrade smb-smbclient has been
> updated from 3.0 to 3.4, so I'm wondering if this behavior depends on
> the version or on the port (samba3* vs samba-smbclient). But what
> really matters is how can it stop it creating this file?

You've somehow got profiling turned on.  See gprof(1) for the full
details, but in short, what you are seeing is a record of what
functions are called in your application, how long is spent within each
function and the linkage between called and calling functions.  It is
of no conceivable use to you unless you are working on the development
of smbclient.

Profiling is turned on by adding -pg to the compiler flags when the
application is built. Check your /etc/make.conf for suspicious entries.
Eliminate wherever -pg comes from and rebuild smbclient to get rid of
the problem.



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