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> This is a known one I'm very sorry about but tricky to fix, to solve it, open
> your /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf you might have a duplicated entrey in alias
> (probable leaf), remove the second one, that will solve your problem.
> ....


I haven't changed /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf at all.

I have 3 systems I'm trying to update, and 2 more to update if I get
those done successfully.  I use portmaster to build & update ports
on all 5 systems.

Each of the 3 has failed in the installation phase of updating to
pkg-1.3.1.  Each is running stable/9 @r269090.  Two are i386; one
is amd64.  The i386 systems had been upgraded successfully to
pkg-1.3.0; the amd64 system is only updated weekly, so it had been
running pkg-1.2.7_4.

Each of the 3 has failed with:

===>  Installing for pkg-1.3.1
===>   Registering installation for pkg-1.3.1
Child process pid=11028 terminated abnormally: Segmentation fault: 11
*** [fake-pkg] Error code 245

Stop in /common/ports/ports-mgmt/pkg.
*** [/common/ports/ports-mgmt/pkg/work/.install_done.pkg._usr_local] Error code 

Stop in /common/ports/ports-mgmt/pkg.

===>>> A backup package for pkg-1.3.0 should
       be located in /usr/ports/packages/portmaster-backup

===>>> Installation of pkg-1.3.1 (ports-mgmt/pkg) failed
===>>> Aborting update

===>>> Update for ports-mgmt/pkg failed
===>>> Aborting update

In each case, the md5 checksum for /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf is
4e302ae1f371e5134ffa717ff693d6f0.  I have not done anything with it;
I know of no reason I would want to change it.

And so far, I haven't found a way to even get any of these systems back
to a point where I have any confidence at all that the
currently-installed ports and their dependencies are being tracked: on
one system, I tried the "Reversion to pkg-1.3.0" approach; that yields:

You are about to convert your system to pkgng while you have ports/packages
installed with the old pkg_install tools.

You can choose to: 
- keep pkg_install as the package management system by adding this line to 


- switch to pkgng:

[But I had already switched to pkgng months ago!]

I still have /var/db/pkg/local.sqlite on each system.  Is the
information there slavagable?  If so, how?

Sorry; I'm a bit frustrated.  I intentionally try to avoid "weird"
configurations, and treat pkg pretty much as a "black box" to track
what's where -- and for my purposes (at least) it's best if it Just
Works.  I appreciate the intent and effort behind the work to
implement and improve pkg, and understand that there are assuredly
huge challenges for those doing that work.  But it never occurred
to me that what I'm doing is so far outside the norm that I was at
significant risk of experiencing a failure in what I had naively
expected to be a routine upgrade.

How can I get back to working environments on these 3 systems (and,
ideally, proceed with updates to the 2 "production" systems without
breaking their abaility to have updated ports)?

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