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> By any chance is there a core file around releated to this, and if so
> was the binary that faulted unstripped?

In each of the 3 cases, I find a
/usr/ports/ports-mgmt/pkg/pkg-static.core file

g1-252(9.3-S)[4] sudo file pkg-static.core
pkg-static.core: ELF 32-bit LSB core file Intel 80386, version 1 (FreeBSD), 
FreeBSD-style, from '-static'

> I'd be interested in seeing the backtrace...

Well, given it was a segmentation fault, it's not clear to me that
I'd be able to find much of value -- I'm way out of practice using
gdb, and by the nature of a segmentation fault (or what caused it,
anyway), something is pretty confused by the time the fault is

> (I'm not using 1.3 or even NG on any of my production
> systems at the moment because I personally don't trust it yet (I have 57
> complex systems and if they screw up I end up rebuilding the OS from
> scratch) so I'd be happy to take a look at any cores an unstripped
> binaries to see if I can work out why people see this occasionally... 
> Sounds like you have 3 identical systems which 2 worked no problems the
> third faulted .. this is obviously not good and needs to be fixed, so
> will give another pair of eyes at the problem.

Err... no....  I have 5 system in total; 2 haven't failed because
I haven't tried to update them yet: if they fail, I don't have
access to email (or much of anything else); more critially, neither
does my spouse -- and I value domestic tranquility.

Of the 3 failures, 2 were on i386; one on amd64.

They are all running stable/9 @r269090 (and the 2 that I haven't
upgraded yet would normally be upgraded to that point before I start
messing with ports on them).

I'll be happy to provide any information about this that I can.

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