Hello list,

just a quick Hello World and to introduce myself. I'm Vladimir Krstulja, some of you know me from Bugzilla which I help triage, and from IRC/Freenode as blackflow :)

I'm a python programmer, I co-develop a rather large SaaS thing in my country (Croatia) which is built in Python and run on a heterogenous Debian + FreeBSD platform but we're moving it all to FreeBSD, and my interest is in improving the "Python experience" on FreeBSD by helping as much as I can.

One of the projects I'm starting is a continuous Poudriere build of all things that USES= python, but for py35, in order to identify build failures for ports that declare all python versions but aren't really building with 3.x, or ports that limit themselves to 2.x but shouldn't really.

I'm already dogfooding this, we run the SaaS with DEFAULT_VERSIONS= python=3 python3=3.5 and our (admittedly limited) use case supports it just fine. Python, uwsgi, nginx, PostgreSQL, Sphinx, etc...

I'm hoping this will help speed up bringing Python 3.x default to FreeBSD.


Vlad K.
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