--- Comment #13 from Kubilay Kocak <> ---
(In reply to rsmith from comment #12)

It's possible (and I believe there are existing cases in the tree), but that
may or may not be the correct, right or best way to address the issue, say
versus slave ports (port per backend or similar, or other methods.

Other options to consider:

- Scope/set USES=python:<version-spec> per OPTION rather than un-conditionally
- Scope/set OPTIONS_DEFINE based on python version (only adding them for
relevant versions)

I haven't researched this to the point where I know the entire matrix of
backends and their dependencies, so I can't comment too much on which of the
above (or combination of the above) would best suit, but the port (and ports in
general) should be as declarative as possible with regard to options,
dependencies and their relationships.

On py3-* ports, they are temporary workarounds so they cant be considered as an
ultimate/final solution to this "backend option mutual exclusion of python
support" issue.

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