> Haha, its full of my backups from my previous operating system (fedora)
> now im going to have a fun time getting those files onto my new FreeBSD
> server!  Can someone recommend a course of action for me here?  Google
> really turning up anything interesting relating to size of external

some ideas:

check the fs-type & if possible the version of the fs on your usb-hdd
(maybe compat probs?)

try attaching the drive b4 you power-on the box and boot

try to explicitly (mount_xy and mount-args) mount the drive (ro!)

check if the builtin hdd inside your drive can be attached directly
on the ata/s-ata/whatever bus inside your machine; copy directly

attach your usb-hdd to a working machine, copy via lan

check for bios/fw-updates for your hw, maybe usb-support get's better

hth & good luck!

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