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Selections 5 through 8 will no longer be valid in April. The list of counties changed. More counties than #6, #7, #8 are going to Central TZ, one county is going with "Commerce Time", and item #5 (most locations) is switching to DST.

Crikeys! When is Indiana just gonna realize they are far enough west, they SHOULD all be Central time?! I grew up in western Ohio, and I remember it was light till nearly 11pm at the solstice.


Sorry but after 20+ years of debate every session, it was just cheaper to change timezones, change DST, change anything. Just end the argument.

Somehow it came about that changing to DST would save millions of dollars a year and bring in billions in additional income to the state. Not sure how, no one ever answered that question.

But looking at the docs for Exchange server and LookOut it would seem that PC support companies are going to make a fortune ;^)


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