> I'm not doing this to benifit myself.  I'm am trying to support the
> project as a whole.  Most of the things that you patched are already
> addressed in _3.  I don't understand why you would dry to work out bugs
> in something that is not current.  If we can fix the current tarball
> then send in patches it benifits everyone.

you mean me? not we. right?

look, i had it running by patching the wrong wc-par. then i created
some slideshows of my holiday pictures, burnt it to a DVD and sent it
off to my 5-year-old-the-cutest-ever-cousin. there is no "most of the
things". there is 1.

when i fixed the wc-par, i sent an email to the port maintainer about the fix.

now you want me to upgrade to a version which is apperently worse than
mine ( i have no probs creating slideshow, i needed to add a symlink
cause i tested your scenario ).

i welcome your good intentions. we might send the port-maintainer an
email stating that using 1.7.2_1 + wc-par fix + seq to job symlink
works better than _3.


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