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: On Friday 31 March 2006 11:56, M. Warner Losh wrote:
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: > : > Bob,
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: > : > Thanks for the tips.  I have these ports installed, but am
: > : > tripping over something stupidly basic: what converts the
: > : > pict0001.jpg into something that can be fed to the hpijs driver
: > : > that will print?
: > : >
: > : > Warner
: > : > _______________________________________________
: > :
: > : Gimp will do image manipulation as well as print, openoffice,
: > : several in kde - kuickshow for one, several in gnome. I just
: > : printed a jpg using kuickshow, so I know it will do it. Pretty
: > : much, once you've got the jpg off the camera, what you do with it
: > : depends on your preferences.
: >
: > gimp doesn't have my printer listed, and printing .ps to it fails. 
: > Is there some file I need to put somewhere?
: >
: > Warner
: Are you using cups? Or something else? If you have your printer working 
: under cups, then I would think that gimp would print to it.

I have cups running.  I'd have thought that too, so I'm doing
something insanely stupid.  I can print to my other HP printer, but it
understands .ps natively.  If the answer to printing from gimp is
'just print a .ps' then I'm happy.

: I remember 
: when I was using an HP2000c, it wasn't listed under gimp either, but I 
: was able to install it there because I was able to use it with cups. 
: Failing that, there are other programs you can use to print the 
: adjusted jpg file, kuickshow is one, openoffice2.0.2 has several, kde 
: has several besides kuickshow, gnome2 has several.

I can print test pages with the CUPS interface w/o a problem.  I'll
try directly printing a simple color PS document next.  I just
realized that I haven't tried to do that yet.

: Warner, I know you are expert on FreeBSD, and know you know your way 
: around a computer at least as well as I do, if not better, I have 
: several emails from you concerning ACPI, and you show up in various 
: other lists that I belong to, so I know who you are. My question to you 
: is: do you have some hidden reason for showing up on questions and 
: acting like a newbie, or are you sincerely looking for help here. With 
: the hand holding your asking for, I'm beginning to wonder. If you do 
: in-fact, need the help, then you should know that without providing 
: information, that you haven't been volunteering, we aren't going to get 
: anywhere fast. 

The reason is that I've been trying to get printing working for
something like ages.  I've fought cups, hpijs, etc many times in the
past.  I picked bad times, in retrospect, to try to use these tools
since they were broken in some subtle way at the time.  I'm frustrated
and need a little hand-holding.  I think I might have earned a little
bit of it from the years of kernel related help I've given out :-).
I've not focused on printing on FreeBSD much at all since until the
latest color printer I got, good old lpr/lpd has been enough.

I'm not sure what information to provide.  I do understand its need.
I'm somewhat new to the image processing side of printing, so am
acting like a totale newbie because in some ways I am :-).

I'm doing multiple printer/scanner projects at the same time.  I have
a network connected HP LaserJet 2200 that's working great under both
lpr and cups.  I have a network connected HP DeskJet 5850 that's not
working at all under lpr/FreeBSD, but I can at least print test pages
on under CUPS.  It works great from Windows.  I also have a usb
connected HP OfficeJet 4200 scanner/printer/fax that I'm trying to get
scanning working on, but that's on a completely different
machine/different story :-).

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