Derek Ragona wrote:
I recently did this exact operation. It went fine for me on my second try. The first one I determined didn't go well as I didn't have the system up to date first. So on my second attempt I made sure my 4.11 system was up to date, and did a complete buildworld, buildkernel, etc. Once I was sure it was completely up to date on 4.11, I:
Saved my kernel config file to:
rm -rf /usr/src
rm -rf /usr/ports

I changed my cvsup tag and pulled new source. Then I meticulously followed the instructions in /etc/src/UPDATING. Read those instructions, be sure to update your /etc/make.conf file for the right CPU.

I did need to create a new kernel configuration file starting with GENERIC and boot.hints from my old 4.11 kernel configuration file.

All went well except one library didn't get put in place when I did the installworld. It was built but just not in place, so I saw an error when I booted the system, and moved it manually.

The library that didn't get moved was:

I did add:
COMPAT4X=       yes
to my make.conf file and
options         COMPAT_FREEBSD4         # Compatible with FreeBSD4
to my kernel config file, but still had to make sasl2 and sendmail for sasl2. Otherwise the ports I had seemed to mostly work. But you might want to do a:
portupgrade -a


[EMAIL PROTECTED] /usr/src]# echo $?
[EMAIL PROTECTED] /usr/src]# make -j6 buildworld

The CPUTYPE is not defined in /etc/make.conf, trying to make a clean build..

and this is RELENG_5_2_1

so make buildworld on this box completes.

I am going to try RELENG_5_3 and then if so then good ;)

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