Pete Slagle wrote:
> Matthew Seaman wrote:
>> eoghan wrote:
>>> I asked a question about stopping/starting tomcat, but I suppose I didnt
>>> ask it right.
>>> What I should have asked is:
>>> How do I stop/start services that I have enabled in my rc.conf, such as
>>> mysql, tomcat etc. I have tried from my rc.d/ with tomcat but it will
>>> not work for me...
>> Like this:
>>     /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ start
>> If that doesn't print out anything then double check what's in
>> /etc/rc.conf
>> If the service apparently starts up, but then you find it's not running
>> a few seconds later, then check any log files that application uses --
>> it's
>> quite often the case that there's a configuration fubar somewhere that is
>> causing the service to give up.
> "Service" instead of daemon?   Our assimilation by the Borg proceeds apace.

Tomcat isn't strictly a daemon -- it runs in a JavaVM that (IIRC) doesn't
divorce itself from any controlling terminal or close down its stdin,
stdout or stderr descriptors in the way that daemon processes should.



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