Hi all,

I got two KDE-related newby questions:

1. How do I restart a KDE session after I changed some config files? In Linux this is

/etc/init.d/kdm restart

But since there is no init.d on FreeBSD, I'm stuck.

2. Is there any way I can shutdown KDE and get back to a root shell? If I choose 'log out' from KDE, I am still in the KDE environment and fixed to choose another user to login again. If I choose 'shutdown KDE', it issues a shutdown command to shutdown my PC, and that's also not what I want. I just want to shutdown KDE and get back into a root shell. Think it's an easy thing to configure, but where?

btw, I'm running KDE 3.5.1 on FreeBSD 6.0.

any help would be appreciated,


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