My church had a fire in the computer room today. The equipment was not directly damaged by the fire as the sprinkler system put it out very quickly. However, the sprinklers ran directly on the equipment for a couple hours. There are several servers, routers, hubs etc. Most of them had water pouring out when we picked them up. All but one spare router were on during this.

I have carefully dried out all the units. However, one of the hubs appears to be toast. Some of the burning residue fell down and was pulled into the hub by the fan and is imbedded into some of its chips. I didn't bother with cleaning that one up. However, there is no visible damage to the remaining gear. I am letting it sit tonight and will try a power cycle on it tomorrow. Presuming that any of it is still working, the question is can it be trusted for unattended operations anymore? While the cost of most of it is not significant, the configuration time is. It would be much easier to use it rather than set up new gear.

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