Huy Ton That wrote:

Just a general question; not sure if it belongs in questions but let me know
otherwise.  I'm currently using gnome2 as my desktop environment on RC
6.1but it is a little dry;  What are you all using out there and any
reasons as to behind the decision and such.

XFCE4, for a good balance of "features" vs. "bloat", and because
it's BSD licensed instead of GPL, and because mice are cute.

As for GNOME being "a little dry", I'd think you'd have to
explain what you mean more fully; AFAIK, GNOME2 and
KDE are the most feature-packed (to put a positive spin
on the analysis) of environments available in F/OSS ("Out
of the box", that is).

In the end, your desktop is what you make it.

Kevin Kinsey

Don't force it, get a larger hammer.
                -- Anthony

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